The vibratory Abdo Belt S ™ with sauna effect will allow you to reduce fat and strengthen your abs comfortably and without effort. Hold it firmly to your waist and use the control to select amongst the 3 heat levels & 5 vibration speeds. Tone your abs at all times: while watching TV, reading a book, using the computer or wherever you want. Unlike electric shock belts, the natural process of vibration and heat is not aggressive and gets a better effect reaffirming your muscles, toning your skin and draining fat. The kit includes car charger adapter and a user guide.


Abdo Belt S ™

Feel the power of sauna with the Abdo Belt S ™
Accelerate the results with the Abdo Belt S ™, an amazing belt that brings together the heat of sauna and the power of vibration. It features 3 levels of heat and 5 levels of vibration. With the Abdo Belt S™ you’ll strengthen your muscles and notice how your skin improves without making any effort.


RRP: 99’90€


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